ADHD in the News 2019-06-13

Jornay PM, an ADHD Med Dosed in the Evening, Now Available

The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) treatment Jornay PM (methylphenidate HCI; Ironshore) is now available in the US. Jornay PM is indicated for patients 6 years of age and older and is intended for dosing in the evening.

Are People with ADHD More Creative?

Those affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are clinically thought of as inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive. However, people with ADHD are also perceived as being very spontaneous, curious, inquisitive, enthusiastic, lively and witty, a perception that creates an impression they are more creative than those without ADHD. But is there truth to this idea?

Bringing mental health care into pediatricians’ offices works, finds five-year study

A five-year study at Boston Children's Hospital reports success with a program it started in 2013 to bring much-needed behavioral health services directly into primary care pediatricians' offices. As reported today in Pediatrics, the program improved children's access to behavioral health care, with only minor increases in cost, and got high marks from participating pediatric practices.

Are brain games mostly BS?

Two large groups of scientists and mental health practitioners published consensus statements, months apart in 2014, on the effectiveness of these kinds of brain games. Both included people with years of research experience and expertise in cognition, learning, skill acquisition, neuroscience and dementia. Both groups carefully considered the same body of evidence available at the time. Yet, they issued exactly opposite statements.

What to know about executive function disorder

Executive function is a broad group of mental skills that enable people to complete tasks and interact with others. An executive function disorder can impair a person's ability to organize themselves and control their behavior. However, executive function disorder is not a specific, standalone diagnosis or condition. Instead, neurological, mental health, and behavioral disorders, such as depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), can affect a person's executive function.

How Cooking Made Me See My ADHD as a Talent Instead of a Shame

Everything outside of cooking didn’t feel nearly as successful or fun. At school I was forever getting into trouble, not for being troublesome but for being late, forgetting my books, my pencil case, and once my entire school bag, which is no mean feat considering my hour-and-a-bit journey each way...Last year, at the age of 36, I was diagnosed with ADHD.

7 Famous People With ADHD

Make no mistake: it can still be a challenging thing to live with. But there are some remarkable people that have shown that it’s not only possible to manage the symptoms but can excel in their chosen fields.

What Is A Mental Disorder? Depends On Who You Ask

In a new study, an international team of researchers looked into which mental conditions people consider to be illnesses and which they do not. The findings show a significant difference between the opinions of mental health professionals and the public.