#ADHD2022 Conference Sample: Women, Executive Function, and Emotional Labor

#ADHD2022 Conference Sample:
Women, Executive Function, and Emotional Labor
Featuring Regina Lark, PhD

A professional organizer examines the connection between women, emotional labor, and executive function. Emotional labor is important to understand because it slams into executive function at home, causing disorganization, clutter, and other issues commonly seen by organizers and coaches.

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Regina Lark, PhD, is an organizing and productivity specialist based in Los Angeles. In 2008 she founded A Clear Path, a professional organizing company. Dr. Lark and her team of organizers provide professional physical, emotional, and psychological support for people who wish to clear clutter and chaos from their lives. She is a graduate of the Organizer Coach Foundation Training Program and serves as a member director of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

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