Latino Culture and ADHD Treatment

All Things ADHD Podcasts
Featuring Lauren Haack, PhD

ADHD is found in all communities. For Latinos, cultural norms and barriers to healthcare affect the perception of ADHD symptoms in children. What are some of the cultural barriers to ADHD diagnosis and treatment? How can cultural beliefs affect treatment for ADHD? Dr. Lauren Haack discusses common symptoms of ADHD and its presence in the Latino population. She offers insight into important cultural considerations professionals need to be aware of when treating Latinos with ADHD. She also explains how gender roles and family values influence treatment decisions.

Lauren Haack, PhD, is an assistant professor and attending psychologist in the department of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. Her research program and clinical practice focus on accessible and culturally attuned evidence-based services for vulnerable youth and families, with a particular specialty in ADHD services for children in Spanish-speaking, Latino families.