When the News Discusses ADHD

Ask the Expert Highlight:
The Representation of ADHD by the Media
Featuring David Goodman, MD

Do you feel that sometimes the media doesn’t get it right about ADHD?

Have you been frustrated—or angry or hurt—that a news report has missed the nuances of ADHD and instead seemed to go for a quick bite of information rather than the whole story?

Dr. David Goodman, a treatment provider for adults affected by ADHD at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, will discuss how ADHD is represented in the media and how journalists compose a news story, how they choose whom to speak to and what information they reference. He will also answer participants’ questions about why some topics or aspects of ADHD are focused on more often and how participants can respond to news reports about the disorder.

Learn more about:
  • How news about ADHD is crafted and presented in media outlets
  • How they can help to present accurate information, to reporters and family or friends
  • How to read or watch news reports on ADHD with a critical eye towards the "real story"