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Attention Magazine April 2004

Stuck in the Mud

Jennifer Jennings

This personal story is related by a sibling who details her experiences growing up with a sister with ADHD.

Lessons Learned, Messages Received, Ideas Transmitted

Stephen P. Hinshaw

This article provides an overview of current issues regarding ADHD, such as underdiagnosis, and genetic and environmental causes. New treatment research is also discussed, and the effectiveness of both medication and behavioral interventions is described.

Lecciones Aprendidas, Mensajes Recibidos, Ideas Transmitidas

Stephen P. Hinshaw

Este articulo nos ofrece una vision general de asuntos actuales relacionados con el TDA/H, tales como por ejemplo: diagnosticos deficientes, causas geneticas y ambientales. Se menciona y describen investigaciones de nuevos tratamientos y su efectividad tanto desde el punto de vista de medicamentos y las intervenciones de conductas.