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Attention Magazine April 2024

A Focus on Empowering Girls

Mark Katz, PhD


Becoming Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


Understanding ADHD from a Strengths-Based Perspective

Ivy Debinski and Yuanyuan Jiang, PhD, CPsych


From Meltdowns to Calm: Helping Children and Teens with Emotional Regulation

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

Staying in control can be a struggle for youth with ADHD despite their best intentions. Help them build better emotional regulation.

ADHD and Family Conflict: How to Reduce Verbal Aggression

Sharon Saline, PsyD

Understand and use these two valuable tools to reduce verbal hostility and arguments in your household.

Combined ADHD and Autism: How Would You Know?

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, MCC, CPCC

Symptoms vary from person to person, making this comorbidity challenging to evaluate. For these complex individuals, a thorough diagnosis is key to getting effective treatment.

Does Adult ADHD Increase the Risk of Dementia?

L. Eugene Arnold, MD, MEd; Mary Solanto, PhD; and Russell Schachar, MD

An Israeli study adds to the accumulating evidence that untreated ADHD increases health risk, both physical and mental.

Do Older Drivers with ADHD Outgrow Their Crash Risk?

L. Eugene Arnold, MD, MEd, and Lily Hechtman, MD, FCRP

This study sounds a warning not to assume that senior drivers with ADHD are exempt from the risks shown in younger drivers.

Social Anxiety in Teens and Adults

Thomas E. Brown, PhD

Often occurring with significant impairments, this diagnosis describes a problem of excessive chronic fears of being embarrassed or humiliated, seen by others as ridiculous or pathetic.

Does Menopause Cause ADHD?

Jeanette Wasserstein, PhD

Female hormones play an important role in presentations of ADHD and in its medical management. Much more understanding is needed.

ADHD and Showering

Anita Robertson, LCSW, and Carrie Comstock, OTR

Brain and body differences make hygiene-related tasks difficult for some individuals with ADHD. Addressing the sensory and executive function challenges involved can improve things.

Nature Journals for Your Out-Of-The-Box Learners

Kathy Kuhl

Encourage your family members to pause to enjoy the beauty and pattern in nature, deepen their curiosity about the world, and experience the outdoors more mindfully.