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Attention Magazine April 2007

The Open Arms Program

Mark Latz

The Open Arms Program is an innovative new impatient treatment model which weaves principles of care around a series of empiricallhy validated practices. Open Arms treats parents as full partners in their child’s care.

ADHD and the Cash -Strapped Family

Bryan Goodman

This is the first of a four-part series on the financial costs of ADHD for four generations, covering childhood, the college years, middle age and the retirement years.

El TDA/H y la Familia con Limitaciones Economicas

Bryan Goodman

Este es el primero de una serie de cuatro partes acerca de los costos del TDA/H en cuatro etapas distintas del desarrollo:la ninez, los anos universitarios, la adultez y la etapa de la jubilacion.

Seeking Equal Coverage for Mental Health

Petrina Chong Hollingsworth

The article examines the need for mental health parity–insurance coverage for mental disorders equal to levels of other medical coverage.

Coping with ADHD on the Job

Robert M. Tudisco Esq

This article discussed steps to help individuals with ADHD succeed in the workplace. Careful introspection is crucial in understanding what accommodation individuals with ADHD need and why they need them.