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Attention Magazine April 2009

Juror Questionnaires, ADHD, and the Right to Privacy

Robert M. Tudisco Esq

Many courts now ask prospective jurors to provide information about physical and mental disabilities as well as medications. An attorney examines how this disturbing trend impacts people with ADHD.

To Tell or Not to Tell

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

Disclosure of an ADHD diagnosis is a personal decision that requires thoughtful consideration.

Cultural Perspectives on Disclosure

Karen Sampson

For members of many minority communities, such as African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, and Orthodox Jews, the decision to disclose a disability carries additional burdens. Three mothers share about ADHD, attitudes, and awareness in their communities.

Revelar la Presencia del Diagnóstico: Una Perspectiva Cultural

Karen Sampson

Tres madres comparten acerca del TDA/H, las actitudes y la concienciación en sus comunidades.