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Attention Magazine April 2011

The Story Behind ADD & Loving It?!

Gina Pera

Ava and Rick Green talk about the making of the smash-hit documentary that is walking millions to the sometimes challenging, sometimes funny reality of adult ADHD.

ADHD and Social Challenges at Work

Michele Novotni PhD

The social impact of ADHD can take a toll, not only in personal life, but also in the workplace. Sometimes a job is spared or someone is promoted because of the ability to form and maintain social relationships in the workplace.

Your Rights in the Workplace

Lewis Maltby

The transition from school to the workplace is a challenge for people with ADHD. The demands are higher and the willingness to accept lapses is lower. The law provides some help, but its protection is limited and not easily obtained.

Career Choices and ADHD: Helping Teens and Young Adults Find their Path

Chris A. Ziegler Dendy MS

Teenagers and young adults with attention deficits have a wide range of intellectual abilities and interests and may pursue a wide variety of vocations. Selecting the right career–one that maximizes strengths and minimizes deficits–is crucial and will require more planning.

Summer Jobs and ADHD

Chris A. Ziegler Dendy MS

Summer employment offers teens and young adults with ADHD an important opportunity to explore career options and master basic work ethic skills.

Seeing Behavior Challenges as Lagging Skills – An Update on Collaborative Problem Solving

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

The Importance of Executive Function in Understanding and Managing ADHD

Russell A. Barkley PhD

A chat with Russell A. Barkley, PhD.