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Attention Magazine April 2018

The Truth about ADHD and Lying

Chris A. Zeigler Dendy

Dishonesty and evasion can be coping mechanisms for students with learning differences. Parents and teachers can help change this cycle.

Brain Management as a Developmental Path

Mark Bertin MD

When you start seeing parenting through the developmental lens of executive function, you discover proven ways children learn, overcome adversity, get along with others, and become independent.

Understanding and Supporting Your Emerging Adult

Michael Reiter

The new normal may require out-of-the-box thinking. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to communicate positively.

Girl on Fire: Hope Is a Strategy

Jeremy Didier

Like so many girls with ADHD, it wasn’t until the demands of her life exceeded her ability to make it all work that the wheels came off.

Homework Problems & ADHD?

Joshua Langberg PhD

Use research-based strategies that work to solve the issue of incomplete or missing assignments.

Failure to Launch: Treating It as a Process, Not a Failure

Mark Katz, PhD

Tools for parents to help their young adults become more independent.

CBT & College Students

Meghan Miller

Can a cognitive-behavioral treatment program help college students with ADHD? How many children have ADHD in the United States, and what kind of treatment are they getting?

Still Distracted After All These Years

Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

A psychologist discusses what she’s learning from her research on ADHD after age sixty.

Why Does Sam Struggle with School Projects?

Eran Grayson

Deficits in executive functioning explain poor academic performance and underachievement in many students with ADHD. Here’s why they struggle, and how to help.