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Attention Magazine August 2002

10 Ideas for School Success

Deborah H. Gordon

In this article, parents will read a �top 10 list� of ways to help their child succeed in school. These tips include school-related ideas, medical care, and other down-to-earth practical ideas.

Inattentive ADHD: Overlooked and Undertreated?

Mary V. Solanto PhD

According to this article, children who lack concentration and seemingly don�t try hard, might be in a subgroup of ADHD called inattentive type. Findings indicate that the inattentive type subtype of ADHD is frequently confused with learning disabled students or slow learners. The author discusses prevalence, assessment, and treatment. This article includes research statistics.

Complicated Launchings

Sophia K. Havasy

This article addresses the stops and starts children with ADHD often experience during their formative years. The article focuses on ways that parents can help their children over rough spots while minimizing parental dependency. The author urges parents to recognize that being on track and on time is unlikely for children with ADHD.

Tae Kwon Do

Michael S. Shapiro

The author explains the advantages of martial arts classes such as Tae Kwon Do for children with ADHD. He states that this sport teaches discipline, consequences of actions taken, and enhances self-esteem. The article includes a sidebar on what to look for in a Tae Kwon Do School.