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Attention Magazine August 2005

Classroom Intervention for ADHD

Ann Abramowitz PhD

This article on strategies for teachers discusses methods of organizing the classroom and assigning work as well as appropriate response to observable behaviors. Classroom management strategies are discussed, such as peer-mediation and daily report cards.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of College: Strategies for Students with ADHD

Cheryl A. Ashcroft

This article identifies major challenges commonly encountered by college students with ADHD and recommends strategies that they and their parents can use.

ADHD in the Workforce

Rob Crawford

This article describes how individuals with ADHD can overcome barriers to success in the workplace. The risks and benefits of disclosing or not disclosing an ADHD diagnosis to an employer are weighed. Advice is also given for finding a workplace environment and culture that will suit an individual’s particular personality.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: IDEA Reauthorization

Matthew D. Cohen JD

This article reviews changes to special education law made in the 2004 reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The article has information on new rules for Individualized Education Plans, new discipline standards, and changes to due process procedures.

Dos pasos hacia adelante, Un paso hacia atrá: La reautorización de IDEA

Matthew D. Cohen JD

Este articulo analiza los cambios que se han hecho a las leyes de educacion especial en la reautorizacion hecha en el 2004 a el Acto Educacional de Individuos Incapacitados. El articulo contiene informacion de las nuevas regulaciones para Planes de Estudio Individuales, nuevos standards de disciplina y cambios a proceso debido.