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Attention Magazine August 2008

Start the School Year Right

Beth A. Kaplanek

Start thinking now about systems you can put in place to ensure a successful school year for your child.

The Homeschooling Option for Children with ADHD

Catherine Adams

Two mothers who found homeschooling best suited their children’s needs share tips and strategies.

Educational Services in Postsecondary Settings

Glenn Young

What do teens and adults with ADHD need to know in order to obtain appropriate educational services after high school?

The Biology of Denial: Not Unwilling to See–Just Unable

Gina Pera

Does someone you know have symptoms of ADHD, but insists he or she doesn’t have the disorder? Part one in a series of articles considers why this might be so.

La Biologia de la Negacion: No es que no quiera ver–Es que no puede

Gina Pera