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Attention Magazine August 2012

Executive Dysfunctions and the Sleepy Secretary of ADHD

Susan D. Rich

Need to explain executive functioning issues? Try the analogy of a less-than-effective secretary to help others understand differences in brain function.

Organizing the ADHD Brain: It’s All About Executive Functions

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

Weaknesses in working memory, prospective memory, and self-activation affect a person?s ability to organize. What strategies can help people with ADHD work around executive function deficits to create effective organizing habits?

Out of Sight? Out of Mind? Out of Control! ADHD-Friendly Ways to Organize Electronic Files

Cris Sgrott Wheedleton

Having difficulty dealing with the digital age? As modes of communication evolve and take on different forms, so must we adapt our strategies for managing them.

Mind Mapping: A Tool for Enhancing Executive Functions

Bob Hathcock

While helping to compensate for executive function deficits, mind mapping can also enhance creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and seeing the big picture.

Succeeding in the Face of Challenges: Change the View, the “Own It” Project, and What’s Your Story?

Mark Katz, PhD

No abstract.

Is Your Child’s School ADHD-Friendly? A chat with Maureen Gill, LCSW

Maureen Gill

No abstract.

Organized Students: Jumping up to the next level

Kimber Nelson

No Abstract.

Especially for Children with ADHD: How to Help Your Working Memory [ADHD Toons]

Taylor Mickesh

No Abstract.

ADHD Medication Shortages: You Helped CHADD Make a Difference

Ruth Hughes PhD

No Abstract.