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Attention Magazine August 2013

Backpack Awareness

Zara Harris

Parents of children with organizational challenges worry more that they remember their backpacks and books than that they are carrying them correctly. Here’s how to choose, pack, and war this important back-to-school accessory.

I Hate to Hear from my Child’s School

Richard Lougy

Do you ever avoid answering the phone when your child’s school calls?

How Can I help When My Child Has Been Bullied?

Ellen A. Callegary

Forty-six states now have antibullying laws in place, with eighteen providing specific protections for students with disabilities who are bullied.

Are Paraprofessional Supports Helpful?

Michael F. Giangreco

When students with ADHD are placed in regular classrooms, educational teams frequently ask whether a paraprofessional should be assigned.

ADHD in Adults Over Age Fifty

David W. Goodman MD

Diagnosing and treating ADHD in older adults presents unique challenges, because there are specific medical and psychiatric considerations in this population.

Workplace Accommodations: I Can Ask for Those?

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

The laws governing accommodations in educational settings are different from those governing the workplace. The available protections and the process of acquiring accommodations also differ. Here’s what you need to know.

LearningWorks for Kids

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

How Can You Teach Kids with ADHD to Manage Money

Stephanie Moulton Sarkis PhD

No Abstract.

Anger, Shame, and Other Drugs

Nourhan Elsayed

No Abstract.

Three Young People Receive 2013 CHADD Summer Camp Award

Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA

No Abstract.