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Attention Magazine August 2016

Busting Boredom, Anxiety, and Side Effects

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

No Abstract.

Understanding and Supporting Girls with ADHD [Webinar Guest: Ellen B. Littman]

Robyn Maggio

Preschoolers, Risk Factors, and School-Based Treatments

Meghan Miller

No Abstract

What Does the Future Hold for Our Children with ADHD?

Chris A. Zeigler Dendy

A veteran educator summarizes the lessons she learned over forty years.

Maybe My Student has ADHD: What’s a Teacher to Do?

Katherine McGavern

Help students to start getting the support they need to be better learners in the classroom.

Common Core Standards Revisited: Universal Design for Learning

Shari Gent

A framework for differentiating curriculum, UDL has the potential to create access to the most challenging curricula for the most challenged student.

Environmental Supports In General Education Classrooms

Christopher Doyle

Whether accommodations benefit all students or target the individual learner, the most important place to start is with developing relationships.

Young ADDulthood: Preparing Late Teens for the Road Ahead

Wes Crenshaw PhD

High School students with ADHD typically fall into one of three categories: overly optimistic, terrified, or lost.

ADHD as a Dimensional Disorder

E. Mark Mahone PhD, ABPP

Modern conceptualizations of neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD are moving toward recognizing the condition as a spectrum disorder.

When ADHD is Not Alone

Roberto Olivardia PhD

Why is it so important that clinicians assess for co-occurring disorders?

Coexisting ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety: Understanding and Treating Complicated Problems

Dan Shapiro

When these disorders coexist, treatment is about finding the sweet spot between not enough inhibition and too much.

BOKS Gets Kids Moving

John Ratey

No Abstract.

How I write With ADHD

Peter Shankman

No Abstract.