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Attention Magazine August 2020

So… Just What Is a Virtual Conference?

Zara Harris


Navigator PREP at Beacon College

Mark Katz, PhD


Calming Down and Cooling Off

Judith M. Glasser

Th e skills needed to regulate emotions involve the same skills that are oft en areas of difficulty for kids with ADHD.

Emotion Regulation in Teens with ADHD

Rosanna Breaux PhD

Th e right interventions can help them improve their intense displays of both negative and positive emotions.

Parenting Skills and Behavior Challenges in Children with ADHD

Theodore P. Beauchaine

Calm, consistent parenting is a key contributor to positive adjustment as children with ADHD grow.

Replace Suspensions with Reset Rooms

Melissa Peterson Malen

A restorative practice innovation, this intervention does not isolate students, but instead facilitates communication, empathy, and emotional and behavioral coaching.

The Imagine Neighborhood, Where Children (and Adults) Learn About Feelings

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Scotty Iseri and Sherri Widen

Th is research-based resource offers podcasts and information designed to enhance social-emotional learning in a fun format.

Fearless Advocacy

Rebecca Resnik

These are the tips parents of kids with ADHD need—regardless of what school looks like this fall.

What Is School Readiness and Why Is It Important?

Noelle Suntheimer

Teacher-child relationships are vital for children’s development and learning, particularly in the early years.

My ADHD Got Me Fired!

Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

If you struggle to control your reactions at work, you need this toolkit of emotional regulation skills.

Are You a Hotline Hothead?

Marie S. Paxson

We asked our favorite group of experts—the ADHD community—for their suggestions on what to do before, during, and aft er your call.

Improving Anger Behavior

Trish White


Understanding Others, Regulating Emotions

Lauren Haack and Sarah Griest