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Attention Magazine August 2022

Technological Interventions for Youth with ADHD

Yuanyuan Jiang, PhD, CPsych


Join the “Three Micro-Connections a Day” Challenge

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC

Being “social” can be hard for those of us with ADHD, regardless of our age. We often feel like ghosts, lonely and left out. Trying to be social can feel like an epic quest as we cloak ourselves in armor and draft battle plans to defend against the “just in case” instances that might come…


Mark Katz, PhD


Where Does ADHD Come From?

Joel Nigg

Some people have more ADHD-related traits than other people do. How do we understand the involvement of genes and the involvement of environmental factors together?

Healthcare Disparities and ADHD

Allison Gornik and Rod Salgado

By coming to a shared understanding, caregivers, providers, and advocates can continue working collectively to reduce barriers to ADHD diagnosis and disparities in treatment.

Parents of Very Complex Kids

Elaine Taylor-Klaus MCC, CPCC

Parents need training to be the best parent they can be and to be the most effective, contributing member of their child’s treatment team.

ADHD and Online Higher Education Programs

Manal White

College students with ADHD may experience both benefits and setbacks from online courses. Success in these programs depends on where they are in their academic journey.

To Test or Not to Test

Alexander Chip

Here’s what parents and students need to know about the role of testing before they begin the college application process.

Meditation and Adult ADHD

Adam Coutts

A longtime teacher who has ADHD discusses how this practice can improve life skills and happiness and shares tips to help you get started.

ADHD on TikTok

Jami Demuth

Social media videos often share misleading content about ADHD. Now ADHD experts are joining in to spread facts and effective strategies.