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Attention Magazine February 2002

5 Components of Executive Function and How They Impact School Performance

Chris A. Ziegler Dendy MS

This article defines the five components of executive function�memory/recall, attention to task, emotional control, internalizing language, and problem solving�in the context of school performance. The memory/recall component is discussed along with associated affects and common problems. The author provides proven school success strategies.

Understanding the Pitch When Setting Up Camp

Jessica Shea Choksey

This article reassures parents that the camp experience can be a positive experience for children with special needs if the camp is selected carefully. The article lists questions to ask when for selecting camps for children with special needs and describes two specific camps�Summit Camp, Camp Buckskin.

The Overly Sensitive Child

David Gottlieb

This article describes the challenge of having an ADHD child who is overly sensitive and ways to handle this combination. Treatment options such as therapy, both individual and family, and medication are considered most effective. The author indicates that while the combined condition of over sensitivity and ADHD are difficult, the problem is treatable in most circumstances.

El Defecit Atentional, Nuestros Ninos, y la Atoestima: Que Podemos Hacer?

Jose J. Bauermeister PhD

El deficit atencional (DA) es una condicion universal que no reconoce fronteras nacionales, linguisticas or culturales.