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Attention Magazine February 2003

Paying Attention to Adult ADHD

Matt McMillen

This article describes the life challenges the author has experienced as a result of being diagnosed with ADHD. The author describes his symptoms, his job choices, and his work failures at jobs that required structure and multiple tasks. He explains that reading about someone successful with ADHD triggered the exploration of his own symptoms. His exploration eventually led to being diagnosed with ADHD. He shares the steps he has taken to get his life in order and to experience successes in life.

What is This ADHD Thing Anyway?

Martin L. Kutcher

This article, written for teens and young adults, describes what it feels like when you are ADHD � feeling out of control, not being able to put on the brakes. The article contains eight useful suggestions for handling ADHD.

Sibling Survival Strategies: Parenting to Help The Non-ADHD Child Cope

Nanci Hester

The wear and tear of having an ADHD child within the family takes a toll on everyone. In this article, the author outlines 12 guidelines for parents to help the non-ADHD child to understand the condition and to cope with it.

From the Clinician: Maximizing the Benefits of Stimulant Medication Treatment for Children with ADHD-Part 1

David Rabiner

This brief article contains the results of a recent multimodal treatment study and explains why children who participate in this type of study often do better than children treated by family and general practice physicians. The results support the benefits of combining stimulant medications with behavior therapy for children with ADHD.