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Attention Magazine February 2004

Stamping Out Stigma

Peg Nichols

This article includes interviews with Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, Bill Licthenstein, and Dr. Lew Mills. In these interviews they relate their personal experiences with mental health stigma, and how it has affected them both personally and professionally.

Dads with ADHD: Building Loving Relationships with your Children

Terry M. Dickson MD, ACG

This article, written for fathers with ADHD, identifies specific problems encountered commonly by fathers with ADHD. Additionally, ways for fathers with ADHD to improve their relationships with their children are described.

Papás con el TDA/H: Construyendo Relaciones Amorosas con sus Hijos/as

Terry M. Dickson MD, ACG

Este articulo, escrito para los padres que tienen TDA/H, identifica problemas especificos ques estos padres enfrentan frequentemente. Adicionalmente, ofrece maneras para que los padres mejoren su relación con sus hijos.