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Attention Magazine February 2012

ADHD: Neither Gift nor Curse

Pamela Mercer

The audience expected a debate when Doctor Barkley met Doctor Hallowell on-stage in a historic plenary session at CHADD’s annual conference last November. What they received was much more important.

One or More Houses, No Executive Functions: ADHD and the Modern Family

Judith M. Glasser

How does ADHD impact family functioning? Can damage from chaos and conflict be prevented? How can divorced parents coordinate multiple households? A clinical psychologist offers some practical guidance for ADHD-affected families.

Parenting “Difficult” Teens

Bryan Jaffe

What can parents do when faced with defiant behavior from their children or teens with ADHD?

Survival Tips for the Spouse Who Doesn’t Have ADHD

Terry M. Dickson MD, ACG

Can you build a better marriage when your partner has ADHD, and you don’t?

Responding with Compassion

Mark Bertin MD

You can learn to pause and find your most skillful reaction when challenged by raising a child with ADHD or dealing with your own executive function deficits.

Become an Empowered Parent

Mary Durheim

CHADD’s new online advocacy training will help parents learn how to advocate for their children with ADHD in today’s world of school budget cuts and reduced services.

From Distress to DE-STRESS

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Parenting When the Parent Has ADHD — a chat with Patricia Quinn, MD

Patricia O. Quinn MD

No Abstract.

Turning Around Toxic Intensity

Carey Sipp

No Abstract.

Update on the ADHD Medication Shortages

Ruth Hughes PhD

No Abstract.