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Attention Magazine June 2004

TV and Attention Problems in Children

Elizabeth P. Lorch

The author of this story comments upon and refutes some of the findings and methodology of an April 2004 Pediatrics study about the television viewing and attentional problems in young children.

Parental Perceptions, Beliefs and Expectations

Lauren Braswell

This article examines commonly held perceptions of parents of children with ADHD. It identifies how parental beliefs can affect child outcomes in regards to treatment. Also, it emphasizes the need for parents to re-evaluate their expectations of their children and of themselves.

Why Teachers Resist: Understanding Teacher Attitudes about ADHD

Terry J. Illes

This article puts forth the explanation that teachers resist making accommodations for children with ADHD because they believe the behavior can be controlled by the children. The author describes the importance for parents to communicate to teachers that ADHD is a learning problem, and provides strategies for parents.

Obstacles to Optimal Health Care

Andrew Adesman

This article highlights health care difficulties faced by parents as well as professionals. Problems are identified in the areas of treatment, research, and legislation.

Percepciones, creencias, y expectativas de los padres

Lauren Braswell

Este art�culo examina las m�s comunes percepciones de los padres de ni�os con TDA/H. Identifca c�mo las creencias de los padres pueden afectar los resultados de sus hijos en relaci�n a su tratamiento. Igualmente, hace �nfasis en la necesidad de los padres para que logren revaluar sus expectativas de sus hijos y de ellos mismos.