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Attention Magazine June 2015

Behavioral Treatments First: Preschoolers and ADHD

Petrina Chong Hollingsworth

How do you find out whether it’s typical toddler behavior or something more–and what do you do about it?

Tips for Selecting a Preschool

George J. DuPaul PhD

No Abstract.

Understanding ADHD and Dyslexia

Elsa Cardenas-Hagan

They are two distinct disorders but they can co-exist. Proper diagnosis and appropriate interventions are important.

Why I Wrote My Own Behavior Plan

Jeff Rasmussen

Consider asking kids who are struggling what they want and what they need, then work with them to make it happen.

Too Much Screen Time? When Your Child with ADHD Over-Connects to Technology

Martin L. Kutcher

Kids with ADHD can be attracted to digital media like moths to a bright light. What’s a parent to do?

Screen-Smart Parenting Tips

Jodi Gold

A child and adolescent psychiatrist shares general recommendations as well as ADHD-specific strageties for tech time.

A Journey of Hope: Two Perspectives

Laura M. King

With two very distinct voices, a mother and daughter share their experience with ADHD, from 1993 to present.

Restorative Practices: Repairing Harm, Transforming School Climate, Building Community

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Practical Tips for Managing Adult ADHD

No Abstract.

To List or Not to List?

No Abstract.

It’s Not Always What You Think

Merle Huerta

No Abstract.

Negotiating with Your Spouse

David W. Goodman MD

No Abstract.

Adults and ADHD Awareness

No Abstract.