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Attention Magazine October 2004

Fostering Reilience: Reversing the Negative Mindsets of Adults with ADHD

Robert B. Brooks

This article identifies several of the negative mindsets that can commonly affect adults with ADHD. Steps are given for individuals to recognize these mindsets, and to design and implement a positive mindset.

Early Intervention

George J. DuPaul PhD

This article identifies problems that can occur in young children with ADHD as they grow older. Steps that can be taken by parents are identified to prevent problems with behavior, academics, and injuries.

Intervención Temprana

George J. DuPaul PhD

Este articulo identifica algunos problemas que pueden surgir en los niños pequeños con TDA/H mientras crecen. Medidas que los padres pueden tomar son identificadas para prevenir problemas con comportamiento, academicos y daños fisicos.