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Attention Magazine October 2008

Stimulant Medications and Heart Monitoring

Andrew Adesman

A member of CHADD’s professional advisory board addresses the issue of whether physicians should perform cardiovascular examinations before prescribing medications for ADHD and offers guidance on interpreting mixed messages about medical treatments.

Dealing with Denial: Reach through, around, over, or under denial with strategies for coping with a loved one’s ADHD symptoms

Gina Pera

Part one of this series explored the biological nature of denial. Part two gives you practical strategies for reaching through your loved one’s “refusal” to acknowledge ADHD symptoms.

Lidiando con la Negación

Gina Pera

La primera parte de esta serie explora la naturaleza biológica de la negación. En la segunda parte aprenderá algunas estrategias para abordar la “negativa” de su ser querido para admitir los síntomas del TDA/H.

An American Family: Two Siblings Work to Fix a Broken System

Bryan Goodman

ADHD is underdiagnosed and undertreated among African Americans. One New Orleans family understands firsthand the potentially tragic difference between treating the disorder and falling through the cracks in our mental healthcare system. Addressing disparities has become their cause.