African Americans, ADHD, and Dysregulated Eating: What’s Going On?Podcast

 February 1, 2022—February 1, 2022

The national obesity rate continues to climb, and the minority communities in the US are being hit the hardest. Black women and Hispanic men and women all have obesity rates that are higher than the national average. Having ADHD increases the odds of developing dysregulated eating, leading to issues with body weight. Why does having ADHD increase the odds of developing dysregulated eating? Providing insight into the matter is psychologist Roberto Olivardia. He will discuss the challenges and explain why Black Americans are at greater risk of developing the coexisting conditions that result from obesity. Dr. Olivardia stresses the importance of a proper ADHD diagnosis from culturally knowledgeable healthcare providers, while also spotlighting the barriers encountered by Black individuals to receiving good healthcare and management and treatment options.