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Coaching Services | Maplewood, NEW JERSEY

Hilary Life Coaching


Contact Name Hilary Andreini

I am a life coach for women with ADHD who are diagnosed as adults. My clients are experiencing critical life changes like moving, career transition, getting married, starting a family, or pandemic challenges. These changes often create struggles with identity, relationships, loss, and being isolated from family and friends. I work with clients around the world and help them adjust…

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Coaching Services | 

Stephanie Antoine


Contact Name Stephanie Antoine

Self Care and ADHD Coaching for People in Caregiving Roles I offer accessible self- care and stress reduction strategies, inclusive resources for behavior change and support my clients to acknowledge their intersections, shift their perspective, and increase their resilience to toxic and/or secondary stress. I support people who cannot walk away from their responsibilities and need to find a way…

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Coaching Services | Dorado, PUERTO RICO

Harmonic Divergence


Contact Name Camil Aponte, PhD, AACC

Neurodivergent (ADHDer and Autistic), with more than 16 years of experience as an academic, educator, mentor, and curriculum developer at both university and school level. From Puerto Rico, bilingual (English/Spanish). I use my experience as an educator, neurodivergent person, and parent of neurodivergent kids to help build a neuroinclusive society, this is why I became a Neuroinclusive Coach. As we…

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Coaching Services | Fort Collins, COLORADO

Capillary Waves (ADHD Life) Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Kendra A. Arbesman; M.Sc., P.G., CALC

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Counseling Services | CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA

Allison Arkfeld MA LMFT


Contact Name Allison Arkfeld

I am a somatic psychotherapist specialized in treating adults with ADHD who also have a history of trauma or a PTSD diagnosis. Services (virtual in CA or in-person in Carlsbad): -Therapy -Somatic Psychotherapy -Coaching -Professional Consultation (medical doctors, therapists, and other providers)

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Private Practice | Glendale, CALIFORNIA

Calming Creek Care

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Judith Armstrong

Greetings, I'm Judith Armstrong, a dedicated Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) committed to helping individuals navigate their mental health journey. My expertise spans a range of conditions including adult ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and insomnia, among others. Listening is at the core of my approach, ensuring that your unique challenges and aspirations are heard and understood.…

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Coaching Services | Glendale, CALIFORNIA

Mateus Ashton - ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Mateus Ashton

In ADHD Coaching, I help you understand your ADHD symptoms/diagnosis and together we work with evidence-based coaching modalities to develop strategies that help you manage your day, regulate your emotions, and help work on whatever else adds to the fog that might be in your path. As somebody who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 6, I know…

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Private Practice | Boca Raton, FLORIDA

First Behavioral Pediatric Care

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Jessica Atkins

We offer a variety of educational/mental health services including: intensive reading, intensive writing, and remedial math interventions. Additionally, we provide tutoring and homework support in all academic areas, ADHD coaching, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychological evaluations. We also offer homeschooling support and IEP/504 advocacy, and parent training. During COVID-19, we are offering our services remotely. We are using a variety of…

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Private Practice | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

The Focus Doc


Contact Name Dr. Dave Auluck, MD

Dr. Dave Auluck, MD is a 3rd generation physician, 2nd generation psychiatrist, a physician educator and is passionate about improving the mental health treatment experience. His mission is to ensure personalized, industry-leading, preeminent care is accessible and affordable. He has worked with thousands of patients over the years and overseen program development for tens of thousands of others. Dr. Auluck…

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Educational Program | Cedar Rapids, IOWA

LearningRx - Cedar Rapids North

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Patrick & Courtney Axline

LearningRx - Cedar Rapids North uses fun, challenging mental exercises to improve the skills the brain uses to learn, think, and perform. Their programs have been used by more than 100,000 children and adults around the world struggling with ADHD, reading struggles/dyslexia, memory decline, and more. Their one-on-one training can be completed in-person at a center near you, remotely via…

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Coaching Services | New York, NEW YORK

ALB Tutoring, LLC

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Alessandra Badioli

ALB Tutoring is an ensemble of experts in education and psychology who see students for who they truly are and connect with them through real conversations that acknowledge their innate assets and attributes. We help students develop self-awareness of their unique learning styles so that they can leverage their strengths and address their areas for growth. Cognitive and behavioral strategies…

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Coaching Services | Southfield, MICHIGAN

FAAB Consulting


Contact Name Franki Bagdade M. Ed. LLMSW

I'm not only the owner of FAAB consulting and an ADHD Coach but I'm also an adult with ADHD! I am an educator and a clinical social worker and have been helping those with ADHD recognize their strengths and accommodate their weaknesses for over two decades! I work with teens and adults to strengthen their executive functioning skills using their…

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