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Private Practice | Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS

Arlington Pediatric Therapy Management Services

Contact Name Claudia Cirrincione, OTD, OTR/L

Child and family-centered intervention to optimize participation in daily living activities. Interventions are targeted at the cognitive, motor, and sensory levels.

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Coaching Services | Calabasas, CALIFORNIA

ADD/ADHD Coach Ellen Cohen,JD, MBA, ACC, BCC


Contact Name Ms. Ellen Cohen

I help ADHD clients with managing time, focusing, planning, organizing & avoiding procrastination. Typically, they miss deadlines or misplace items, feel overwhelmed, distracted or disorganized, or regularly run late or forget. I coach professionals & other working adults, & college & post-grad students. I also co-authored a book, "Managing Your ADHD: Tips and Strategies From A to Z" - an…

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Private Practice | Los Gatos, CALIFORNIA

ADHD Coach - Christina Coravos


Contact Name Christina Coravos

I help women with ADHD reach their career goals by using simple strengths-based strategies.

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Counseling Services | High Point, NORTH CAROLINA

Aspire Counseling High Point,NC


Contact Name Donna Cumby, LPC NCC

I am a licensed professional counselor since 2005, and a certified ADHD professional. I really enjoy working with children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD, as well as helping parents with children with ADHD. It is rewarding to be able to help clients understand the diagnosis and its impact on executive function, emotions, and relationships, and to work as a team…

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Coaching Services | MARYLAND

ACE Coaching


Contact Name Adam S Curtis

You can be excited about your coaching and you can be excited about yourself! Adam Curtis is an experience, dynamic, holistic coach dedicated to you living your best, most authentic life. Contact me to learn more and to get started!

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Coaching Services | Winter Park, FLORIDA

ADHD Coaching Orlando


Contact Name Rebecca Delgado

Rebecca Delgado is a Professional Coach specializing in adults with ADHD. She holds an MA in Applied Learning & Instruction with a focus on motivation and cognition and completed comprehensive training as an ADHD Life Coach through ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy). She is also a passionate student in the field of Positive Psychology. Rebecca maintains a private practice in Winter…

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Private Practice | Ridgewood, NEW JERSEY

Anthony Dimitrion

Social Worker

Contact Name Anthony Dimitrion

Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW provides creative and playful counseling services for children, teens, millennials, and families. Anthony has extensive experience and training in developmentally appropriate approaches for working with children and teens utilizing play and expressive art. Learn more at

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Private Practice | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

Association for Compassionate Transformation, Inc.


Contact Name Dr. Aleksandra Drecun

Despite the challenges that come with have ADHD, being neurodiverse offers great advantages. First and foremost, neurodiverse individuals are intelligent. They have average to above average IQ’s. They naturally think outside of the box and are innovative by nature. In fact, it is noted that many successful entrepreneurs have ADHD. The areas of their ADHD that have lead to their…

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Coaching Services | Sturbridge, MASSACHUSETTS

Addchieve ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Jim Dunn

I assist individuals with ADHD to achieve their full potential. I work with adult clients to uncover and use their strengths to overcome the challenges associated with ADHD. If you are having challenges organizing your life, managing your time, regulating your emotions, starting and completing projects and sustaining attention, I can assist you. I have helped many people from college…

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Coaching Services | Herndon, VIRGINIA

Alex Epperly


Contact Name Alex Epperly

Since 2014, I have worked closely with NeuroScience, Inc., in Herndon, Virginia, to provide supportive coaching services in keeping with clients’ goals and values. I work with child, adolescent, and adult clients with ADHD, OCD, social anxiety, major depression, autism spectrum, and other psychological difficulties and life challenges. I facilitate progress by structuring and implementing opportunities to hone skills necessary…

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Park Ridge, ILLINOIS

Alan R Graham


Contact Name Dr. Alan R Graham

As a nationally recognized psychologist, coach, educator, author and lecturer, Alan R. Graham, Ph.D., PCC, MCAC, has over three decades of experience assessing and helping thousands of children, adolescents, adults with AD/HD and their families navigate life's challenges. Initially trained as a teacher, Dr. Graham subsequently obtained his Ph.D. at Northwestern University. The International Coach Federation also credentialed him as…

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Coaching Services | Belvaux

Alexia HETZEL (mondaycoach)


Contact Name Alexia HETZEL

As a coach I help adults with ADHD or ADHD traits, and differently-wired brains embrace and use their singularity to their advantage. Employers can also contact me for help with onboarding and retaining such profiles. I coach in English and French. Areas of expertise: ADHD coaching, creative problem solving, habit formation, strength-based coaching Currently learning about: ritual design

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