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Counseling Services | Oakland, CALIFORNIA

Rebecca Olmsted, LMFT

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Rebecca Olmsted

Psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

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Private Practice | Rockwall, TEXAS

Rana Pascoe MD

Physician (Other)

Contact Name Rana Pascoe

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Clinic | Jackson, MISSISSIPPI

Richard E. Rhoden


Contact Name Dr. Richard E Rhoden

Richard E. Rhoden, M.D. is a psychiatrist who has the Mississippi Attention Clinic specializing in treatment of ADHD across the life span, both youth and adults. With over 30 years of clinical experience, he also treats complications of anxiety and mood disorders in a private, pleasant outpatient setting. He also does medicolegal work as a Diplomate of the American Boards…

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Counseling Services | Carpinteria, CALIFORNIA

Roland Rotz, PhD


Contact Name Dr. Roland Rotz

Lifespan Development Center, owned and directed by Roland Rotz, Ph.D., offers a full range of diagnostic and clinical services to adults, adolescents and children. Dr Rotz, a licensed psychologist, specializes in the assessment and treatment of ADHD and co-occurring conditions in adults and children. He provides effective interventions for anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic disorganization. He also offers group therapy, ADHD…

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Coaching Services | Tampa, FLORIDA

Russell Coaching for Students, LLC


Contact Name Norrine L Russell

We see students in the US, CANADA, and the UK. Let’s face it, being a parent of a struggling student is tough. So is being a struggling student. At Russell Coaching, we walk with you on your journey. Along the way we provide support, resources, and tools to help you and your student transform chaos into calm. We specialize in…

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Coaching Services | Westminister, COLORADO

Roxanne Turner


Contact Name Roxanne Turner

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Coaching Services | Andover, MASSACHUSETTS

Robin R. Wright


Contact Name Robin Roman Wright

Robin Roman Wright, M.A. provides AD/HD and Career Coaching privately to teens and young adults ages 15 – 29. She provides in-person coaching in Andover, MA as well as telephone and Skype coaching to clients worldwide. She specifically targets the teen and young adult age group because she enjoys helping young people identify their strengths, learn new coping strategies and…

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