A grounded theory study of change motivation among previously undiagnosed adults with ADHD

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End Date December 31, 2020

Primary Contact Wendy Hubbard

Email whubbard@adler.edu

Phone 847-275-3085

Study Details

The purpose of this explanatory qualitative study is to expand on the work of Toner et al. (2006), Young et al. (2008), and others by analyzing the lived experience of and motivations behind previously undiagnosed adults seeking diagnostic assessment for ADHD. Data will be gathered through a semi-structured interview consisting of open-ended, logically-progressing questions intending to solicit reflection on motivation, the experience of the diagnostic assessment process, and the individual’s experience with stigma. The design for this qualitative study is grounded theory. This study aims to uncover theory grounded in the data gathered during intensive interviewing (Charmaz, 2006) to understand what moved the participants to actively seek help and what they experienced when they received that help.