ADHD Task Performance: Lessons from Online Shopping


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End Date February 29, 2024

Primary Contact Carol Harkness


Study Details

Online shopping is a classic task where people with ADHD (ADHDers) encounter more problems than the general population. This study examines how ADHDers shop online in order to improve website design and make it easier for them to complete their task. This research will expand knowledge on how ADHDers interact with technology, highlighting features that neurotypicals do not have issues with, but are problematic for those with ADHD.

Participants must:

  • Have ADHD
  • Be between 18-65 years of age
  • Currently live in the USA
  • Have made an online purchase on within the last 6 months*

Participation involves:

  • One 5-minute questionnaire (completed online)
  • One 45- 60-minute Zoom interview that will include a simulated online shopping task.
  • You will receive a $20 (US) gift card for your participation.


Visit or scan the QR Code on the flyer to complete the eligibility questionnaire

*This research study is NOT affiliated with, or funded by,