Learning Disabilities in Public Schools

Birmingham, Michigan

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End Date December 1, 2023

Primary Contact Maggie Lawler

Email maglawl@iu.edu

Study Details

I am a current Indiana University doctoral student and am conducting interviews for a research study. The purpose of this study is to discover how parents of students with ADHD in the Birmingham Public Schools feel about these schools, and how they advocate for their children within this school system. This study aims to see in what ways these schools fail or succeed to properly help students with ADD and ADHD along with how problems can be solved.

Looking for Interview Participants:

  • Parents of children with ADD/ADHD who are current or former Groves or Seaholm students (Birmingham Public Schools, MI)
  • Advocates who work with parents at IEP meetings with Birmingham Public Schools (MI)

Interviews will last 1-2 hours. All information will be kept anonymous.