Ask The Expert: Nutrition in Support of ADHD TreatmentAsk The Expert

Original Air Date July 24, 2018 | 2:00 PM

L. Eugene Arnold MD, MEd

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Interventions for ADHD often include lifestyle supports, including nutrition. But what shall we eat when it comes to ADHD symptoms? Dr. L. Eugene Arnold has studied the various ways what we eat affects ADHD symptoms and how some foods or food additives can have an impact on our bodies. Parents looking to find good meals that help their children manage their symptoms and adults hoping to add another tool to their lifestyle management will be interested in this Ask the Expert webinar.

We will discuss:

• The benefits and drawbacks of elimination diets
• Omega-3 fatty acids and the combination of DHA, EPA, and GLA that has the most scientific support
• Some people affected by ADHD may be sensitive to some foods and chemicals, including allergies and chemical sensitivity, with possible behavioral symptoms
• Medication’s relationship with picky eating

This is an opportunity to hear from one of the leading researchers on food as a complementary intervention. Dr. Arnold’s seminars at the Annual International Conference on ADHD are often standing-room only events—this is your chance for a “front row seat” to learn directly from one of the most popular presenters on ADHD.