Six Keys to Developing Executive Function Skills at School and at Home Ask The Expert

Original Air Date March 29, 2023 | 7:00 PM, EDT

Julie Principe

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This webinar is for parents and educators who are supporting children with ADHD in a culture designed for neurotypical people. Educator Julie Principe will share five keys to developing executive function skills that build on strengths and support growth in independence at school and at home: (1) know your strengths, (2) co-regulation, (3) emotional regulation, (4) environment, and (5) physical regulation. She will describe foundational supports that empower the child with ADHD, and explore what parents and educators can do to meet their needs across school and home settings. At school, we will turn our attention to student regulation, schedule design, classroom structures, routines, transitions, and breaks. We will learn what co-regulation and emotional regulation might look like at home; what you are already doing and next steps. We will look at practical ways to set up your home environment, structures and routines while meeting the energy needs of a growing child. In both settings we will look at the role of proactive strategies such as clear expectations and visual prompts. We will consider the challenge of staying on track (or getting back on track) when things don’t work out the way we planned. Lastly, we will look at communication and support between school and home. Compassion and understanding for teachers and parents works both ways.

About the Speaker

Julie Principe has thirty-six years of experience in British Columbia, Canada, as a classroom teacher, teacher of English language learners and as a resource teacher working with many types of students, including neurodiverse learners. Her work has also included supporting families as they navigate the school system. She recently retired from her position as a district inclusion teacher and founded ADHD Roadmap Consulting, supporting neurodiverse adults, youth, and students. Her adult son with ADD has helped her develop a deeper understanding of the barriers in everyday life for those with executive skill challenges. Principe has shared her expertise in social emotional learning at educational conferences over the last ten years. Her passion is increasing student learning by teaching regulation within inclusive school environments. Her practical approach supports and empowers educators to create classroom communities where all learners feel safe, included, and engaged.