Strategies for Setting Goals and Time Management | Webinar for Teens and Young Adults with ADHDCHADD Webinar

Original Air Date June 30, 2021 | 6:00 PM, EST

Jill Linkoff PCC, ACAC

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The original webinar was presented by Jill Linkoff PCC, ACAC, but there were sound problems with the recording so a young adult with ADHD is presenting a summary of the information that was presented in this video.

Deadlines, time management, and setting goals: video games have them, homework and projects, and job applications do too. Why do some goals and timelines always feel so overwhelming whereas others are easier to do?  Those of us with ADHD often need organizational help because we have a hard time with time management and completing goals — especially with difficult or boring subjects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to successfully set goals and improve your time management with homework, projects, or job applications with supportive time management tricks.
  • Learn how to break down your goals into smaller tasks.
  • Discover different strategies and tools to help you get your goals and create a timeline.
  • Learn strategies to get started with a goal when you are feeling unmotivated.
  • Explore the reasons for feeling shame when asking for help to support your goals.

Speaker Bio:
A Professional Certified Life Coach specializing in ADHD and executive function solutions, my passion is to make a positive difference with professionals, adults and students impacted by executive function challenges. Completing rigorous training and practice coaching requirements cultivates my expertise as an Executive Function Coach to explain the complexities of ADHD in a simple language clients will understand. I partner with clients to find strategies and tools to manage executive function challenges at work, home, in a relationship, or in college. Individual goals and actions are created and employed based on the client’s unique skills and strengths.


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