What Can I Expect As an Adult From My ADHD Treatment Over The First 6 MonthsCHADD Webinar

Original Air Date April 18, 2019 | 2:00pm, ET

David W. Goodman MD

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Finding a qualified adult ADHD psychiatrist who prescribes medication and provides guidance with therapies can be a challenge. “I’m going to start treatment so what can I expect?”  Adults who seek treatment can anticipate a predictable progression of improvement over the first six months. This webinar will explain the specific improvements over the first six months of treatment. When do symptoms get better? When do I notice my daily productivity is better? When does my self-confidence improve? How do I adapt to the “new me”? When will my family/friends/coworkers notice? When will I fully blossom into my potential? Dr. David W. Goodman will discuss specific improvements noticed each month and what to anticipate in the upcoming 6 months of treatment.