ADHD in the News 2015-08-18

‘Play This Video Game And Call Me In The Morning’

Can playing the Project Evo game really improve the brain's ability to deal with distractions? Its manufacturer thinks so

Thyroid Fluctuations in Pregnancy Impact ADHD Risk

Maternal thyroid hormone levels in early pregnancy are known to impact fetal brain development and subsequent neurocognitive outcomes in children, with some studies pointing to an association between maternal hypothyroidism and ADHD or autism spectrum disorders. Transient hypothyroidism (hypothyroxinemia) is not uncommon during pregnancy and may also impact outcomes but to what degree?

What It’s Like to Have ADHD As a Grown Woman

Start talking about a disorder people can’t see and you learn to expect a certain amount of doubt, along with the occasional conspiracy theory involving drug companies, gluten, mass delusions, and other byproducts of this, our modern age. I understand (some) of where they’re coming from. ADHD, a chronic behavioral disorder, is complicated, confusing, and undeniably overdiagnosed.

7 Qualities That Make a Great ADHD Doctor

The doctor tried to laugh it off and cover his limited knowledge of ADHD by asking my husband how long he’d had the disorder. He looked shocked when Mark told him he’d had it all his life...Here are the qualities I look for in a doctor who is treating someone in my family for ADHD.

5 Useful Apps for Adult ADHD

Harnessing smartphone apps should be considered by clinicians who deliver behavioral health interventions beyond usual treatment for adult ADHD. This slideshow features some digital apps you might suggest as an adjunct to established interventions (eg, medications, therapy) for adult ADHD.

Thriving With ADHD: 5 Success Tips for Freshman With ADHD

The first year of college is a huge adjustment, especially so if you have ADHD. Making new friends, studying new curriculum and adapting to your new surroundings take time and effort. For incoming freshmen, whether you are getting set to enter a massive state university with 45,000 students or a small liberal arts college with 2,500, having strategies and techniques for staying focused and on top or your game are vital to success.

Better diagnosis call for adults with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults is a ""hidden"" problem that needs better diagnosis, the charity for people with the condition, Addiss, has said. How does it affect adults' lives?...Addiss - the National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service - believes adult mental health services in the UK ""don't consider it as seriously as they should

FDA releases guidelines for ADHD diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Tony Richtsmeier with Helen De Vos Children's Hospital talks with WZZM 13 Health Reporter Valerie Lego about what parents should know about diagnosis and treatment options.

How Training the Brain Helps Heal Dyslexia, Autism, and ADHD

Brain Training of Maryland founder, Kate Ortman, talks about her work...Ortman and her husband eventually became parents to six kids, some of whom experienced challenges such as ADD, learning disabilities, brain injury, and attachment issues (in some of their adopted children).