ADHD in the News 2016-09-01

How to Survive At Work When You’re A Woman With ADHD

Norway researchers found that one-third of workaholics surveyed had ADHD symptoms, among other mental health issues like anxiety and depression. While researchers were quick to point it’s hard to say if the workaholism is the cause or the byproduct of these conditions, it’s hard to ignore the impact these days of living with ADHD in the workplace. If you’re having a hard time dealing, read on to learn how to take charge of your workplace challenges.

Tylenol and ADHD: Stories Vary in Degree of Panic

Recent headlines from a number of major news outlets are stirring up fears about the dangers of acetaminophen (sold as the branded drug Tylenol) during pregnancy...But the news from this study isn't nearly as dire as you might think based on this messaging. In fact, these headlines are either wrong or highly misleading for two simple reasons:

Is ADHD Medication Overused?

[Parents] whose kids are diagnosed with ADHD want to make sure they get the best treatment. But as the number of children on medication for ADHD climbs, some experts worry that the disorder is being overdiagnosed and overtreated. To help sort out the complex issue, Berkeley Wellness turned to Stephen Hinshaw, PhD, a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley.

Back to School: Managing medications at school

It's back to school time and if you are a parent that means you need to be prepared. Now is the time to contact the school if your child will need to take any medications during the day or if your child has any serious allergies."

Comorbid ADHD and Depression: Assessment and Treatment Strategies

The impact of comorbid depression on ADHD response has not been assessed, but studies of patients with bipolar disorders suggest that ADHD treatment may exacerbate untreated mood disorders. Because ADHD typically begins several years before the first unipolar depressive episode, earlier identification and treatment of ADHD may affect the risk of depression.

Key Studies That Inform Clinical Practice: Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness-Based Therapies

This month, we have selected 9 articles on cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based treatments based on their clinical relevance and applicability, as well as their quality. Our goal is to help you stay up to date with the most current evidence-based information in the face of an overwhelming literature.

Siblings of children with autism may show early setbacks

About 1 in 10 toddlers who have an older sibling with autism shows delays in cognitive and motor development, according to the largest-yet study of these so-called ‘baby sibs’. As many as one in five baby sibs are eventually diagnosed with autism. About one in three end up with psychiatric diagnoses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).