ADHD in the News 2017-01-12

Can Troubled Kids Cycle Their Way to Better Behavior?

Incorporating aerobic exercises, such as cybercycling, into physical education programs for children with behavioral health disorders (BHD) may lead to significant behavioral improvements, according to a team of Harvard researchers.

Study: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) + Medication outperforms CBT alone to treat ADHD symptoms among adults. At the same time…

Although medication is the primary treatment for adults with ADHD, and has good empirical support, many adults would rather not take it. For these adults with ADHD, it would be helpful to know whether medication is likely to provide significant benefits above and beyond those they would gain from well-conducted therapy, or whether they are likely to derive roughly equivalent benefits from therapy alone. This important question was addressed in a recently published study...

10 Things We Learned About ADHD in 2016

The use of stimulant medication might result in lower bone density. Stimulant medication has been shown to slow the rate of a child’s growth, but a new study found that it may also result in lower bone density. Researchers found that children who used stimulant medication had about a five percent lower bone mineral content than those who did not use stimulant medication.

Can Essential Oils Help Treat ADHD?

This article takes a look at whether essential oils can be used as a form of treatment for people with ADHD. Contents of this article: What are essential oils? Can essential oils help with ADHD? How to use essential oils. Making lifestyle changes to support ADHD."

Is ADHD Different for Women and Girls?

For most people, ADHD conjures a mental image of school-aged boys squirming at desks or bouncing off walls, not a picture of adults, girls, or especially adult women. Both scientists and society have long pinned ADHD on males, even though girls and women may be just as likely to suffer from this neurodevelopmental disorder.

Electrifying Solution to Childhood Learning Disorders?

Brain stimulation therapy shows promise, but much more work and study needed...Researchers transmitting electricity into patients’ brains have made measurable — and drug-free — reductions in symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity, depression, and other psychiatric issues. It’s a procedure called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). Weak electric currents therapeutically stimulate parts of the brain or slow hyperactive parts down.

5 Tips For Dealing With Adult ADHD

"Our approach is different because we highlighted that ADHD is not just about inattention — it’s about inattention and over-focusing," says Greg Crosby, MA, LPC, one of the authors of the just-released book Transforming ADHD: Simple, Effective Attention & Action Skills to Help You Focus & Succeed...Below are five tips — based on Crosby and Dr. Lippert's work and book — to help you stay on track.

N.J. sued over ‘shocking’ lack of special education for inmates

Teenagers sent to state prison in New Jersey are routinely stripped of their federal rights to special education services and sometimes left in solitary confinement with little regard for their disabilities, a new class action lawsuit contends...Teens with disabilities who are incarcerated in adult prisons are entitled to special education through the age of 21, according to federal and state law, the lawsuit says.