ADHD in the News 2017-02-02

Could the ‘Mediterranean’ Diet Help Prevent ADHD?

Kids who follow a Mediterranean diet -- high in fruits, vegetables and "good" fats -- may be less likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a small study suggests. Research on 120 children in Spain found that those with "low adherence" to the traditional Mediterranean diet were seven times more likely to have ADHD.

Prenatal Smoke Exposure and ADHD: Advancing the Field

A robust literature indicates a link between maternal smoking during pregnancy and subsequent diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. However, questions have been raised regarding whether this association is causal and attributable to intrauterine effects or due to other unmeasured factors.

Does sugar cause ADHD?

Not everyone believes in treating the symptoms of ADHD with medication, and many parents prefer a more natural approach like taking their children off food additives, preservatives and sugar...Although controversial and largely unproven, natural ADHD remedies include exercise, yoga, meditation, massage and dietary supplements. It is also often recommended that people who suffer from ADHD avoid certain foods, food additives and preservatives. Also controversial is the role of sugar in ADHD.

When Parent and Child Both Have ADHD

It’s a story we hear regularly: A child is diagnosed with ADHD and one of his parents, recognizing the symptoms, realizes that he (or she) has the disorder, too. It’s often a surprise to the mom or dad, but to clinicians it’s not surprising. “We know ADHD is highly familial,” explains Mark Stein, a clinical psychologist and director of the ADHD and Related Disorders Program (PEARL Clinic) at Seattle Children’s Hospital. “That means 25 percent of the parents of kids we diagnose are going to have it.”

ADHD in Toddlers: Early Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

What age does ADHD begin, and are there symptoms that can be seen in infants and toddlers? At this early stage, is there anything that can be done to treat ADHD?

The ADHD Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered why you get bored with a business after a few years of running it? Chances are you might have some of the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It’s a real thing. Richard Branson has it, and says that is why he didn’t last in school, had started a handful of businesses before his 25th birthday and never runs anything he starts.

What is the Difference Between ADHD and a Learning Disability?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can cause learning difficulties, thus it is sometimes referred to as a learning disability. But that designation is not accurate. ADHD and learning disabilities do share some common traits, but they have different and distinctive causes.

This Is What It’s Like To Have ADHD In Your Twenties

Being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult can be tricky – one criterion is that “several symptoms were present before the age of 12 years”. ADHD symptoms are also frequently mistaken for symptoms of other mental health conditions in adults such as anxiety, depression, personality disorder, and even bipolar disorder...We spoke to Gareth, 23, Maeve, 27, and Danielle, 24, about their experiences with ADHD in their twenties. Gareth was diagnosed when he was 22, Maeve at 27, and Danielle at 21.