ADHD in the News 2017-02-09

Does eating liquorice in pregnancy raise the risk of ADHD?

Researchers found girls whose mothers had consumed high amounts of liquorice during pregnancy were more likely to go through puberty at a younger age. And girls and boys whose mothers consumed high amounts scored seven points lower on intelligence tests, and higher for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But, as with many other diet studies, the picture is too complex for us to assume a direct cause and effect relationship.

Can You Take ADD Medicine During Pregnancy? The Tough Decision Many Expecting Moms Face

When Julie Anderson*, 35 years old, learned that she was 10 weeks pregnant, she found herself grappling with a conundrum. She had taken medication to control her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for years, but now that she knew she was pregnant, should she stay on the drugs, or go off them for the duration of her pregnancy? And beyond that question loomed an even bigger one: can you take ADHD medicine during pregnancy at all, in any instance? Is it even safe?

Georgia bill would require new ADHD prescriptions every 5 days

A bill meant to curb the abuse of prescription opioids in Georgia has stirred outrage in the ADHD community because a provision requires adults and children on medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to get new prescriptions every five days. "It's clearly a cause for concern," said state Sen. Nan Orrock, an Atlanta Democrat who wants the provision struck from the bill. "The argument is pretty hard to debunk: that families coming in every five days for ADHD prescriptions is impossible. There's just a panic list of questions this creates."

ADHD and the Transition to Adulthood (Part 1)

If I had to come up with a list of words that described transitioning to adulthood with ADHD, "smooth" and "seamless" probably wouldn’t make the cut. "Perilous" and "unpredictable," however, would be top contenders.

ADHD Symptoms: 10 Signs You Have Adult ADHD

It’s not uncommon for ADHD to be misdiagnosed, or even ignored altogether, in adults as some symptoms may be attributed to other common issues such as stress at work...If you weren’t diagnosed as a child, but often struggle with the following challenges, it’s time to have a discussion with your doctor. Here are 10 signs you have adult ADHD.

A shorter school day helps my ADHD, on-the-spectrum kid learn, so why do I have to fight for it?

A couple of months ago, my 7-year-old son had a complete freak-out at school. I received a call at work telling me in terse tones to come as soon as possible because V. was having a very difficult day. When I arrived, I was quickly directed to the child study team office where I was greeted by the entire team (case manager, psychologist, behaviorist, speech therapist) plus the principal. That's when I knew this was serious.