ADHD in the News 2017-04-27

Could My Child’s ADHD Symptoms Follow Him or Her Into Adulthood?

If your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it’s likely he or she will also have the disorder as an adult. For example, a study published in the 2016 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry noted that of the 579 children with ADHD who were studied, 60 percent of them “demonstrated symptom persistence” into adulthood.

People With Autism Often Struggle With Other Health Conditions

The number of children being diagnosed with autism continues to grow – 1 in 68 children in the U.S. have the disorder. A new report has been released on how and why people with autism often struggle with other health conditions...Dr. Thomas Frazier says mental health issues such as anxiety and ADHD are also common."

Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone When You Have ADHD

An overwhelming majority of people in the United States—95%—own a cell phone of some kind. Seventy-seven percent of people have a smartphone. For many individuals with attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) and executive functioning issues, using a smartphone can be daunting, especially beyond call and text message capabilities. Even those who feel comfortable using certain types of apps (such as calendar or Facebook) may not be getting the most out of their phone in terms of using it to organize themselves or limit distractions from it. If you struggle with ADHD, here are some suggestions to help you maximize your smartphone.

Got ADHD? There’s an app for that!

[Dr Renata Schoeman, a psychiatrist based in Bellville in the Western Cape] says that apps with reminders or scheduling functions are definitely useful for individuals who have ADHD...if you are looking for an app to help you manage your time and keep you focused, here are four to choose from.

ADHD and Self-Compassion

Dr. Kristin Neff, the foremost researcher on the benefits of self-compassion, describes it as being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or falling into self-criticism. Being self-compassionate means accepting that no one is perfect. When mistakes happen, amends can be made without as much self-judgment, anger, and blame.

7 Tips To Prepare Kids With ADHD For Summer Camp

Yay summer! No school. No homework. A less-active social calendar. That’s usually a great thing for kids! But when you have children with ADHD, summer can be challenging for everyone. Especially if they are transitioning from the classroom to summer camp! Read on for some tips to make things easier for you and your child as they head off for new adventures.

How Do I Know if I Have ADHD as an Adult?

Some adults may question whether they have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or wonder if their ADHD-like behaviors – inattention, hyperactive-impulsivity or a combination of the two – are simply a product of the overwhelming, hurried demands of adulthood. How can you know for sure? A telltale sign that an adult has ADHD is when behaviors begin to interfere with life at home or in the workplace, says Stephanie Sarkis, an author and psychotherapist located in Tampa, Florida.

How Do Fidget Spinners Help With ADHD? Let’s Investigate The Latest Toy Craze

Studies show fidget toys to be a successful way to manage ADHD, but what about the latest trend, fidget spinners? You might be wondering, how do fidget spinners help with ADHD?...Fidget spinners, small gadgets with a moveable middle that allows it to spin, have become the latest craze in the trendy toy market.