ADHD in the News 2017-07-06

ADHD medication may improve school test scores in ADHD

ADHD medication use was associated with better performance on higher education entrance tests among individuals with ADHD, according to recent findings...To assess associations between ADHD medication use and performance on higher education entrance tests among individuals with ADHD, researchers analyzed records of pharmacologic treatment from Swedish national registers and data from the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test for 61,140 individuals diagnosed with ADHD.

A Child With ADHD Likely to Have Additional Behavioral Issues, Anxiety

“To have ADHD and nothing else is the exception, not the rule,” says E. Mark Mahone, a child neuropsychologist, research scientist and the director of the Department of Neuropsychology at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. “If you have a child with ADHD, that child will likely also have something else." Learning disabilities, anxiety and depression are just some of the other common coexisting issues.

10 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD—from People Who Are Living With It

Imagine trying to juggle a full life of work and home demands when focus is almost impossible: That's everyday life for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Here, adult ADHD sufferers reveal their tricks for managing the carnival in their brain.

ADHD and Substance Use: Current Evidence and Treatment Considerations

The presence of comorbid disorders is often the rule rather than the exception in individuals with ADHD. Of particular concern is problematic substance use...Elevated substance use significantly complicates a patient’s symptom presentation, making the accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of ADHD challenging even for the most skilled practitioners.

Adults with ADHD may have an increased risk of developing dementia later in life, a new study from Taiwan finds

In the study, adults who had been diagnosed with ADHD were more than three times more likely to later be diagnosed with dementia, compared with adults who did not have ADHD, the researchers found.

Why Playing Team Sports Is Good for Kids With ADHD

“Most sports can be excellent for children with ADHD,” says Dr. Danelle Fisher, chair of pediatrics at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. “Sports are a terrific way to channel the energy that kids with ADHD have. They can also help with learning how to function as part of a team as well as learning discipline and reaching goals outside of a classroom setting.”

The Overlap of ADHD and GAD

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can share similar symptoms and treatments. You are also more likely to have anxiety if you have ADHD.

This Scientist Is Studying How ADHD Can Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

[Those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)]...get hyperfocused on a problem that captures their attention, especially when the tasks they “should” be working on seem boring or impossible to a less-than organized mind. When that hyperfocus leads them to some measure of success, they are told that their achievements are not welcome. So they set out on their own. Not so much because they intended to be entrepreneurs, but because their consistent habit of acting without thinking nudges them onto their own path.