ADHD in the News 2017-09-28

How to Overcome Your Negative ADHD Self-Talk

The people we interact with can greatly shape our lives, even the extent to which we engage in negative self-talk. From time to time, our minds can fill with self-sabotaging, glass-half-empty thoughts about everything from abilities to appearance. For someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder however, such thoughts may be more constant than that of a neurotypical person.

Evening Dose of Long-Acting ADHD Med Closer to Release

The practice of taking meds the first thing in the morning commonly means a user is vulnerable to inadequate symptom control and impaired functioning during the early morning routine. Mornings can become a particularly challenging time of day for school-age children with ADHD and their families. Now, in a new study, a formulation that allows the delivery of an evening dosage led to significant improvement in ADHD symptoms and functional impairment the first thing the next morning, when compared to a placebo.

Using Humor to Cope With Your ADHD Diagnosis

If you’re frustrated about your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosis – whether newly-diagnosed or not – or you're often on the receiving end of critical commentary about the disorder that leads to negative ADHD self-talk, experts say you might want to bring more humor into your life. This isn’t to say that you should engage in earthshaking belly laughs with every mention of "ADHD,” but rather that even subtle, lighthearted comments and thoughts about your symptoms may be a helpful coping mechanism.

Is ADHD Affected By Intestinal Bacteria?

More bacteria that influence the reward centres of the brain via dopamine was found in people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in a new study. The findings, from researchers at the Radboud University Medical Centre, Donders Institute and NIZO are the first time a possible link between the activity of certain intestinal bacteria and human brain activity has been identified.

Is ADHD Real? Confessions of a Restless Mind

I believe that ADHD exists. Whoops, so much for a cliffhanger ending. But, wait, there’s more!...I know that a restless brain can be a struggle, not only for the individual experiencing it, but also for those around them. As the father of a daughter diagnosed with ADHD, I fought the suggestion of medication. Instead, my wife and I, along with our daughter, chose to participate in an ADD/ADHD research program at the University of Denver (UCD).

ADHD may stop thoughts in their tracks

People with ADHD are known to have trouble staying on task, their attention drifting elsewhere. New research published in Psychological Science, however, suggests that their minds may not be wandering at all, but instead going…blank.

6 Things I Learned From My Kid With ADHD

It's safe to say that we become different people because of our kids. We teach them important life lessons, but they have a lot of things - often unexpected - to teach us too. Especially when those kids have a unique need. Not only do we have to learn the ins and outs of "typical" parenthood, but we have to master everyday challenges that some parents don't.

Commentary: Teachers need help with ADHD kids; don’t take away guidance

The U.S. Department of Education is looking to recall its “Dear Colleague Letter and Resource Guide on ADHD.” This document instructs educators on how to work with students who have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder through direction and facts. The comment period recently closed, but I have a story for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

ADHD: Breaking the Bully Loop

Kids with attention disorders can find themselves on both ends of bullying. Fortunately there are some skills they can learn to break the cycle."