ADHD in the News 2017-12-21

Preemies and underweight babies more likely to develop ADHD

Babies who are born too soon or arrive weighing too little are about three times more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than full-term, healthy-sized infants, a research review suggests.

ADHD Stimulants Might Help a Smoker With the Disorder Cut Back on Cigarettes

It's no secret that many people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may gravitate towards cigarette smoking. Many experts indicate that there is an association between people with the disorder and the desire to light up.

Exercising at own pace boosts a child’s ability to learn

A child's attention and memory improves after exercise according to new research conducted with primary school pupils and supported by the Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh. Researchers found that pupils' best responses to tests came after physical activity that was set at their own pace, as opposed to exhaustive exercise.

Hyperactivity in Adult ADHD

If ADHD doesn’t go away in adulthood, it makes sense that hyperactivity doesn’t necessarily disappear either. Despite the “hyperactive little boy” stereotype, there are plenty of hyperactive grown men and women out there too...the research that’s been done on this indicates that adults with ADHD are still an externally hyperactive bunch as well.

ADHD: When Cabin Fever Strikes

For people with ADHD, cabin fever — that time when the weather keeps you indoors for extended periods — can be torture. You feel restless and fidgety. You are bored and antsy. You become irritable and find it difficult to cope. If this sounds like you, here are some strategies to help manage cabin fever.

10 Newsworthy Items From 2017 on ADHD

2017 has been a busy year for research when it comes to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The following are summaries of 10 interesting findings about ADHD."

11 Interesting Work Habits That Might Mean You Have ADHD

While everyone occasionally feels bored at work, or falls behind on a project, there are a few symptoms of ADHD that you might notice throughout the work day — especially if you struggle with them all the time...if the issues listed below seem to be holding you back, or if you've been getting in trouble with your boss about them, it may be worth looking into ADHD as a cause.