ADHD in the News 2018-03-22

Kids with severe head injuries may develop ADHD later on, study finds

Young children who sustain a severe head injury may struggle with attention problems as they grow older, researchers say. A new study reports that kids who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury around ages 3 to 7 are three and a half times more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by the time they enter middle school.

‘People with ADHD can be incredibly valuable at work’

Lack of awareness of the behavioural disorder has meant many people found it difficult to hold down jobs. But proper diagnosis and support are allowing more employees to make the most of their talents

New NICE ADHD guidance published following consultation period

The British Psychological Society (BPS) is pleased that the 2018 NICE ADHD guideline has been amended following our comments during the consultation process. A number of additions relating to child safeguarding have been made, including...Parents of children under five must have completed a recognised and accredited parent training course before a diagnosis of ADHD is considered.

ADHD and Pregnancy Outcomes

Women with ADHD may be more likely to have some adverse outcomes during pregnancy, new research suggests – but medication may not be the cause. A study led by researchers from the University of Sydney and published in CNS Drugs aimed to determine whether ADHD, its treatment with stimulant medication, or both might adversely affect pregnancy outcomes...The study of more than 5000 NSW women and their newborns is the largest of its kind to assess the impact of ADHD and commonly prescribed stimulant medications (dexamphetamine or methylphenidate) on mothers and their babies born between 1994 and 2012.

Consistent use of ADHD medication may stun growth by 2 inches, large study finds

The Multimodal Treatment Study of ADHD (MTA Study) is the largest ADHD treatment study ever conducted...At the most recent follow-up assessment when participants were 25, self- and parent-reported ADHD symptoms were obtained. In addition, the researchers measured participants’ height.

A New Documentary About Adults On Adderall — And Not Just For ADHD

Stimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin are commonly prescribed to kids with what's known as ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But recently, adults became the biggest users of these drugs...the new Netflix documentary Take Your Pills focuses on the use of these drugs to boost cognitive performance in college classrooms and the workplace.

The Difference Between Being Distracted & Having ADHD

The understanding that high-achieving students turn to drugs like Adderall and Ritalin to get ahead academically is so well-documented that the stereotype has made its way onto TV shows like Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars. You get the idea: A smart student uses Adderall as a secret weapon to focus during a tough homework assignment or a major exam.

Understanding the Link Between ADHD and Binge Eating Could Point to New Treatments

In addition to the health risks associated with obesity, binge eating disorder is associated with anxiety disorders, affective disorders, substance abuse and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – in fact, about 30 percent of individuals with binge eating disorder also have a history of ADHD.

In Praise of A.D.H.D.

Ten years ago, when my son Nicolai was 11, his doctor wanted to put him on medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. “It would make him less wild,” I explained to my mother, who was then 85. “It would slow him down a bit.” My mother grumbled. “Look around you,” she said in Yiddish. “Look how fast the world is changing. He doesn’t need to slow down. You need to speed up.”