ADHD in the News 2020-02-06

Medication Adherence a Major Issue for Children with ADHD

A team based in Australia, led by Dr. Daryl Efron, Health Services, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, described the patterns of ADHD medication use for Australian children, while characterizing the patterns of use in a 3537-patient study. Adherence to ADHD medication is notoriously suboptimal, particularly with children, and can compromise patient outcomes.

Systematic Review Highlights Pediatric Medical Overuse

A new systematic review highlights the established and emerging practices that represent medical overuse in pediatrics. Medical overuse included misdiagnosis of students with ADHD, neonatal ICU admission and pharmacologic therapy for infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome, and over prescription of opioids.

Horseback riding combined with cognitive exercises can help children with ADHD and autism spectrum

Therapeutic horseback riding combined with brain-building exercises can improve the dexterity, coordination and strength of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, shows a study in Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

Autism to ADHD: thinking differently about recruitment

Despite having much to offer, neurodiverse people can struggle to land a job. Some firms are now looking at new ways to tap into their talents...One in seven people are “neurodivergent”, according to ACAS. Despite this, a recent study by the CIPD found that seven in 10 businesses ignored their own neurodiversity policy.

Room with an ‘ahh’: Colleges are giving students their own space to decompress

College has resumed on America’s campuses, and most students can work through their start-of-semester stress with a trip to the gym, a comforting call with a parent or a late-night binge. But for some students, normal days are a challenge – let alone high-stress exam periods and the beginning of a new term. That’s why a small but growing number of schools offer special rooms where students with anxiety, autism, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder or sensory challenges can go to decompress.

Inclusion Doesn’t Have To Be Costly: 5 Easy Changes To Make In Your Workplace

By using technology as triage to pin point obstacles and locate trends, I’ve found that businesses can save around 30% on adjustments costs by implementing changes in company culture that come for free. Here’s my list of five easy changes, addressing the most common causes of difficulty for neurodiverse teams.

Danish Startup Helping People With Autism and ADHD Raises Investment From Founders of Kahoot

Digital startup Tiimo, which provides visual aids to support people affected by autism and ADHD, has reached its crowdfunding goal of €340,000...Founded in 2015, the firm is on a mission to innovate the process of diagnosis and treatment in ADHD and autism. It has developed an iOS and Android app that helps users comprehend time and maintain routine daily.

‘Making Authentic Friendships’ app is designed to help people with disabilities make friends

When it comes to making friends, it isn't the easiest for Michael Fetherman who has autism and ADHD. However, Michael's big sister Juliana made it her mission to put all her efforts into developing an app to help him and others with disabilities make friends.