ADHD in the News 2020-03-19

How inattention-hyperactivity affects the brain

A new study published in The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry sheds light on the relationship between brain development and behavioural disorders such as inattention-hyperactivity disorder, a condition similar to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Study links children’s sleep duration to behavioural disorders

Children who get the fewest hours of sleep are at the highest risk of developing mental health issues later, including ADHD, anxiety and depression, suggest a new study. "If we make sure our children get enough sleep, it can help protect them from mental health problems," said Bror M. Ranum, a PhD candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's (NTNU) Department of Psychology.

ADHD and Emotional Trauma

Can emotional trauma mimic ADHD? What is the association of ADHD with emotional trauma? It turns out that the relation between ADHD and emotional trauma is multifaceted. It’s not a bad time to reflect on this. During periods of collective anxiety like what we are now experiencing with the COVID-19 outbreak, some people will re-experience traumatic fears or anxieties.

COVID-19 Online Learning Solutions Present Challenges For Students With Autism, ADHD

In response to the spread of coronavirus, schools across the nation, including the University of Nevada, Reno, are transitioning to online learning for a period of time. This adjustment can be a challenge for some students; particularly those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Cady Stanton has coached people with autism or ADHD for the past 15 years and has studied the role it plays in academic outcomes.

Inside the outbreak: Teaching and feeding

More schools in the United States are closed than open as states try to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. Students and their families face challenges and uncertainty not only about how they will learn, but also how to provide for the needs that schools meet for meals, special education, and disability accommodations.

How ‘regular school’ parents can homeschool their kids

School closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak mean millions of parents and guardians who have grown accustomed to sending their children to traditional schools are now faced with the task of educating them at home...CNN spoke with several parents, teachers and homeschooling experts about how to make the most of homeschooling for your family.

How to Keep Up Healthy Routines

Creating and maintaining routines can help with mental and physical health...Particularly for people with conditions including Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, ASD, and insomnia, a disruption in routine can severely impact your mental health.

When Your Child Has ADHD, There Never Seem To Be Enough Hours In Each Day

I was chatting with my older sister the other day about my ten-year-old daughter and her ADHD. Her adult son, who is now married and doing well in college, was very similar to my daughter when it came to his ADHD, and I needed someone to vent to. I told her about the arguments, and the procrastination, and the slow, slow pace at which Norah works.

I Have ADHD. Here Are 9 Productivity Tips That Really Help Me

Even before I was diagnosed with ADHD, the question “have you tried writing a list?” would set me on edge. I’m all for innovative productivity hacks, and for well-meaning neurotypical people, getting something done can often be as easy as writing a list, but as Edward Hallowell, M.D., psychiatrist and ADHD expert tells SELF, things aren’t that simple for people with ADHD.

5 Reasons to Try Online Therapy

Therapy, like so much of healthcare, has gone online. I personally have been practicing teletherapy for almost four years. It’s still a bit of a wild, wild west in terms of what’s OK or not (For example, do you talk to someone while they’re driving? Is that considered dangerous? What if that’s the only time they have and they’re trying to get their mental health taken care of in the only way they can?). But I will say that I love doing therapy online.

How Do You Know If Your Child Gets Too Much Screen Time?

Internet Gaming Disorder is listed as a “Condition for Further Study,” meaning that it is not an "official" disorder in the DSM-V but included to promote further attention and research. While there is significant controversy about this diagnosis and Internet Gaming Disorder is actually quite rare in children, problematic screen time is increasingly common.