ADHD in the News 2020-08-27

COVID-19: Optimizing therapeutic strategies for children, adolescents with ADHD

Recently, the Yakima Health District (YHD), in collaboration with the Washington State Department of Health, issued dramatic revisions to its educational curriculum, opting for exclusively remote learning as an important next step in COVID-19 containment measures...Even more noteworthy is how YHD addressed those with language barriers and learning differences such as ADHD as a “priority group”;

ADD/ADHD and Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding Disorder often co-exists with other mental and physical disorders. They don't cause hoarding. They complicate life and the specialized work to recover from Hoarding Disorder...Birchall Consulting conducted a random 10-year snapshot of cases and found that 2.8% of those who sought help were diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

Interest in homeschooling has ‘exploded’ amid pandemic

As parents nationwide prepare to help their children with more distance learning, a small but quickly growing number are deciding to take matters entirely into their own hands and begin homeschooling...Mindy Kroesche, a freelance writer and editor from Lincoln, Nebraska, had been leaning toward homeschooling her 12-year-old son, who has autism and ADHD diagnoses that made middle school a challenge.

What Distance Learning With a Disability Is Like

As schools reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, students are facing challenges they've never imagined. Teen Vogue's Fear and Learning in America series is exploring what back to school means for students this year, and what they think about learning during the coronavirus crisis...In a video as part of Girl Effect’s Life in Lockdown series, Jessica, who has ADHD, said learning online proved troubling for her as she found herself distracted and not paying attention to her computer screen.

Experts say they’re seeing more ADHD behavior in kids because of screen time exposure

Before the pandemic started, it’s estimated that children ages eight to 15 spent between six and seven hours in front a screen each day...“We’re seeing a significantly increased behavior in terms of what we would consider ADHD, or tick behavior,” ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Shawn Nasseri said. “It’s been at least 100 kids in the last few months.”

8 Effective Tools for Staying Focused and Getting Stuff Done

What do innumerable Zoom meetings, an unceasingly stressful new cycle, a pandemic, working from home, a steady stream of smart phone alerts, and general uncertainty all have in common? Each of these strains our ability to feel centered, focus, and get things done...The good news is that even given conditions that are far less than ideal, it is possible to be more focused and get things done.